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Vol 47 (2018) Monilinia species of fruit decay: a comparison between biological and epidemiological data Abstract   PDF (English)
Alessandra Di Francesco, Marta Mari
Vol 45 (2016) A new approach in the monitoring of the phytosanitary conditions of forests: the case of oak and beech stands in the Sicilian Regional Parks Abstract   PDF (English)
Cinzia Rizza, Silvia Scibetta, Antonella Pane, Federico Maetzke, Donato Salvatore La Mela Veca, Sebastiano Cullotta, Giovanni Granata, Federico La Spada, Francesco Aloi, Roberto Faedda, Santa Olga Cacciola
Vol 45 (2016) Activity of seaweed and cyanobacteria water extracts against Podosphaera xanthii on zucchini Abstract   PDF (English)
Roberta Roberti, Hillary Righini, Carolina Pérez Reyes
Vol 45 (2016) Analysis of diversity of wood-inhabiting fungi retrieved from a Mediterranean forest dominated by Pinus pinaster Aiton Abstract   PDF (English)
Maria D'Aguanno, Claudia Perini, Diego Cantini, Elena Salerni
Vol 44 (2015): micologia italiana Assessment of macrofungal diversity in a Silver Fir plantation in Sardinia (Italy) using a standardized sampling procedure Abstract   PDF (English)
Elia Ambrosio, Enrico Lancellotti, Renato Brotzu, Horia Salch, Antonio Franceschini, Mirca Zotti
Vol 44 (2015): micologia italiana Biocontrol of Rhizoctonia solani disease and biostimulant effect by microbial products on bean plants Abstract   PDF (English)
Roberta Roberti, Federica Bergonzoni, Angela Finestrelli, Pamela Leonardi
Vol 44 (2015): micologia italiana Biological and epidemiological aspects of the quarantine pathogen Phytophthora ramorum Abstract   PDF (English)
Beatrice Ginetti, Stefano Carmignani, Alessandro Ragazzi, Salvatore Moricca
Vol 46 (2017) Counter-season cultivation of truffles in the Southern Hemisphere: an update Abstract   PDF (English)
Ian Hall, Noel Fitzpatrick, Paul Miros, Alessandra Zambonelli
Vol 44 (2015): micologia italiana Current status of truffle cultivation: recent results and future perspectives Abstract   PDF (English)
Alessandra Zambonelli, Mirco Iotti, Ian Hall
Vol 44 (2015): micologia italiana Editorial Details   PDF (English)   PDF (Italiano)
Gloria Innocenti, Alessandro Ragazzi
Vol 45 (2016) Genetic variation among isolates of Bipolaris maydis using RAPD_PCR Abstract   PDF (English)
Mahmoud Reza Karimishahari, Ramesh Chaudary Sharma
Vol 45 (2016) Interactions between insects and fungal pathogens of forest and ornamental trees Abstract   PDF (English)
Riziero Tiberi, Tiziana Panzavolta, Matteo Bracalini, Alessandro Ragazzi, Beatrice Ginetti, Salvatore Moricca
Vol 44 (2015): micologia italiana Macromycetes of the hills of the Province of Bologna (Italy): presentation of a new check-list Abstract   PDF (English)
Mirko Illice, Renato Todeschini
Vol 46 (2017) Microfungal diversity in the swash zone interstitial water (SZIW) of three Ligurian urban beaches (NW, Italy) Abstract   PDF (English)
Simone Di Piazza, Susanna Baiardo, Grazia Cecchi, Elia Ambrosio, Chiara Paoli, Paolo Vassallo, Mirca Zotti
Vol 47 (2018) On the Tuber magnatum, Tuber albidum and Tuber rufum author name: Picco vs Pico Abstract   PDF (English)
Giovanni Pacioni, Rengenier Rittersma, Mirco Iotti
Vol 46 (2017) The economic potential of mushrooms in an artificial Pinus nigra forest Abstract   PDF (English)
Pamela Leonardi, Simone Graziosi, Alessandra Zambonelli, Elena Salerni
Vol 47 (2018) The first record of Densocarpa crocea in Italy Abstract   PDF (English)
Alessandra Zambonelli, Pamela Leonardi, Marco Morara, Mirco Iotti
Vol 45 (2016) The memorable XVII Congress of the European Mycological Association (EMA) Funchal (Madeira, Portugal, September 20th-25th 2015) Details   PDF (English)
Claudia Perini
Vol 45 (2016) Trapping truffle production in holes: a promising technique for improving production and unravelling truffle life cycle Abstract   PDF (English)
Claude Murat, Lucien Bonneau, Herminia De La Varga, Jean-Marc Olivier, Fizzala Sandrine, François Le Tacon
Vol 46 (2017) Trophic preference and preliminary indication of phylloplane fungal influence on the diet of the non-native Gammarus roeselii Gervais 1835 (Amphipoda, Gammaridae) in the sub-lacustrine Ticino river basin (Lombardy, Northern Italy) Abstract   PDF (English)
Daniele Paganelli, Andrea Gazzola, Marinella Rodolfi, Renato Sconfietti, Anna Maria Picco
Vol 46 (2017) Who is out there? What are they doing? Application of metagenomics and metaproteomics to reveal soil functioning Abstract   PDF (English)
Antonietta Mello, Elisa Zampieri
Vol 45 (2016) Will a fungus save us from the Ailanthus invasion? Abstract   PDF (English)
Giacomo Lorenzini
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