Coprinellus andreorum: a new species from Malta and South America


  • Carmel Sammut
  • Alexander Karich Technische Universität Dresden - International Institut Zittau



Agaricales, Psathyrellaceae, Aureogranulati, morphology, taxonomy


Coprinellus andreorum sp. nov. is described for the first time from Malta. A full description with illustrations of the macro- and micromorphological characters, as well as its phylogenetic position is provided. This species differs from Coprinellus aureogranulatus by the large pleurocystidia, the narrower spores and multidigitate caulocystidia. Some species from sect. Domestici are discussed and compared.


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Sammut, C., & Karich, A. (2021). Coprinellus andreorum: a new species from Malta and South America. Italian Journal of Mycology, 50, 21–29.