Macromycetes of the hills of the Province of Bologna (Italy): presentation of a new check-list

Mirko Illice, Renato Todeschini


The authors present a 2014 updated list of 1,110 macromycetes found in the hilly territory of the Province of Bologna , Italy, covering about 1,200 km2 at an altitude ranging mainly between 100 and 600 m. a.s.l.. Moreover, some shorter lists have been extracted from the data, including 36 "very rare" mushrooms (in Italy known only in the Province of Bologna), 20 "rare" (known only in Emilia-Romagna), 86 "vulnerable" (no longer found in the last 22 years in the territory investigated) and 6 which the European Council for Conservation of Fungi has proposed for protection at the European level. The authors suggest a deepening of studies of the entities on these lists, with a census of locations and habitats, aimed at their protection and at the conservation of their natural environments.


mycological diversity; macromycetes; rare fungal taxa; species conservation

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2465-311X/5594


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