On the Tuber magnatum, Tuber albidum and Tuber rufum author name: Picco vs Pico

Giovanni Pacioni, Rengenier Rittersma, Mirco Iotti


This article presents the results of a research that has been conducted on the surname of the author of the three truffle species Tuber magnatum, T. albidum and T. rufum who in the nomenclatural databases of fungi is listed as “Picco” rather than “Pico” (how he is usually indicated). Drawing upon official documents from the Turin State and University Archives the claim is made that the surname Picco is the correct version. This name can also be found in a contemporary review of the book Melethemata Inauguralia (Picco 1788), as well as in a biographic dictionary of Piedmontese physicians dated back to 1825. Therefore, the officially used indication since Stafleu and Cowan (1983) can be considered to be correct.


systematic botany; mushrooms; truffles; history; nomenclature; Vittorio Picco; Savoy dynasty

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2531-7342/7748


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